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Acquisition & Site Selection

Property Research Advisory cancels out over 95% of stock for sale, as it doesn't reach the investment grade.

There are three (3) key aspects involved in a property purchase:


The property selection


The negotiation


The due diligence

Property Research Advisory has a scientific and proven buying methodology to help guide its property investment purchase criteria. The ever-changing property environment offers opportunities for astute researchers, and PRA can help offer you this insight.

Initial macro research is first conducted to find the geographical region in which to invest. This is followed up with monitoring micro property markets to ensure the suburbs and property types chosen are well placed for capital growth in the short and long term.

Property Research Advisory analyses the property market statistics and listings daily to match the best investment for the individual in a truely personal approach.

The buying method is simple but proven and relies on utilising classic property economic principles to form the basis of the investment, coupled with monitored behavioural trends of the renter/future buyer and consistent research of future infrastructure/amenity which will guide demand for certain areas moving forward.

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"We really dodged a bullet with one of the first properties Shaun reviewed for us, with it having an issue. His advice was valuable and I wouldn't buy another property without his help."

Jeremy T & Ella T

"The guys at PRA looked over a property I wanted to buy in Scarborough and checked for anything wrong, as well as giving me a perosonalised appraisal. It clarified the purchase for me and gave me confidence to put in the offer, and I am now a home owner. "

Andrew H